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2015-05-13 10:01:27 by Rebbay

My last post was five years ago gee whiz hello guys

Just thought I'd let you know

2010-03-06 21:51:19 by Rebbay

David Bowie is God.

That is all.

Just thought I'd let you know

Newsy Newsings.

2009-06-29 02:19:08 by Rebbay


Hay y'all. So I spose I'll fill you in on the magnificent spectacle that is my life.

+ The school production is coming along swimmingly, and I'm getting a shirt with my name on it :D

+I'm becoming more obsessed with Twilight by the day. I think I need help.

+ I entered the Newgrounds Idol thing, gonna try and win some stickers, ya know. So we'll find out about that in about 3 days.

+ If anyone has some decent songs to recommend to me, shoot. I'm going to try and expand my musical horizons.

That's it guys, write me some comment love. <3

Hi, this is Reb. She can't come to the phone right now, please leave a message after the beep.

Baby It's Cold Outside And You've Got Nobody To Love

2009-04-15 10:34:40 by Rebbay

First things first. Thanks to Maximus for the banner, cast for the sig and Phobotech for the icon.

Secondly, boobies. Alright.

Third. I never know what to put in newsposts, because nothing newsworthy happens to me.

I really want some NG Merchandise, and to go to the Melbourne meet. But neither of those are going to happen. I entered that competition to win a Pink Castle Crasher. Twice. So hopefully I'll get lucky.

Comment me and tell me about all your hopes and dreams. I love you guys.

Also, if any of you Flash dudes need a female voice actor, I'd be happy to help. I'm Aussie, but I can do American and English accents. :)

Baby It's Cold Outside And You've Got Nobody To Love

Banner equals shit.

2009-04-05 11:00:43 by Rebbay

Seriously, I made that monstrosity up there. And I know how there are a few of you out there who like me, or at least tolerate me, so would somebody be so kind as to create a banner for me please? All I ask is that it's colourful. :D

So, what else is news? Shit all, that's what. It's school holidays, I'm not going away or anything interesting. I guess it's just 14 hour days on Newgrounds for two weeks. Sigh. Anyone have any suggestions on something I could do?

I'm making more NG-friends as of late. I think that's mostly because of Stickam or something. I'm sure it'll help me out in the long run. Like yesterday, I made a topic, it got flamed, and some of my e-buddies helped me out! Thanks guys! If you don't have any e-friends, get some.

I was really hoping to go see Bo Burnham this month because he's in Melbourne, but I have to be over 18. Motherfucker. I was so upset when I found out.

I have a new picture. That one over there. I never take new photos of myself, but that night I was feeling uncharacteristically pretty, so, there you have it. If you're gonna comment on it, please keep it positive. I have enough self image problems as it is.

So there you have it lovelies, yet another boring installment of my life. You think it's dull? Yeah, well I have to live it.

Here is a picture of me and my friends at school. We thought we all looked super sexy in our lab coats so we took a picture. Hur hur.

Banner equals shit.

Filming crap from our houses
Looking like an arse
The subscribers come easy
And the views come free
Getting mail from noobs
Who just want money and
Hey Hey I'm a Youtube Star
Hey Hey I'm a Youtube Star.

Seriously though. I want to make videos to put on Youtube, but here's my dilemma.

1. I'm not that funny.
2. I can't play any instruments other than the trumpet, and no one wants to see that.

So what do I do? Do you fine ladies and gents have any suggestions on how I might go about climbing the ladder to Youtube fame? Do share.

Bout time to make a new post.

2009-02-27 04:11:43 by Rebbay

So here it is.

My throat hurts. Yow.

I got the role of the Caterpillar in the school play, Alice in Wonderland. I get to play a total stoner, so that should be fun.

I've recently discovered Lilly Allen's song "Fuck You". Despite the name, it's actually a good song. I recommend you listen to it. <3

Me and my friend are going to be filming a video about the Asia Pacific for school, where I get to dress up as an Indonesian husband and have a mustache drawn onto my face. That'll be interesting.

Unfortunately I have no more news fellas, so here, have a picture. :D

Behold, my Neopets collection.

Bout time to make a new post.


2009-01-04 08:41:57 by Rebbay

I've just gotten back from my 10 day holiday, and boy, who would have guessed that the thing I missed most was the toilet?

It's 2009, yippee and shit. I have no New Years resolutions. I don't think that far ahead.

My brother spent his Christmas money on Guitar Hero, something I've wanted for like a year. He gets home and plays it all day, knowing full well that I would love a shot. "You can have a little go tomorrow." When he'll just hog it all day tomorrow too.


You've probably noticed that all my news is short and uninteresting. That's because interesting shit doesn't happen to me.

Scratch that, I saw Brian McFadden at the airport on my holiday. You foreign fellows probably don't know who that is, he's mostly well known in Australia. Irish, married to Delta Goodrem, ex-member of Westlife. Ring any bells? Anyway, I was trying to be sneaky by peering over my magazine, but he wasn't fooled. He just chuckled at me and I turned the darkest shade of red imaginable.

If you're still reading this far, I don't know whether to pity or applaud you. Perhaps you're just here so you can spam my page with stories about maggoty vaginas, or perhaps you're just Sensationalism. I dunno.

But aside from the racist, sexist, and generally bastardy cunts here on Newgrounds, I love you dudes/dudettes. When you're being civil, you guys are liek ttly kul.

Everybody hug your computer screen right now, let us cyber-embrace.

Mmmmmmmmmmm. You're a good snuggler.


2008-12-25 06:56:40 by Rebbay

It's Christmas and stuff! Well today anyway, this news post will probably last me until February >.<

I'm going on a week long holiday to the sunny state, theme parks, fuck yeah.

Err.. What else? Oh yeah, for everyone calling me ugly (looking at you Otto) you can suck my hairy balls.

Peace and love,
Reb. :D